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in-Service Training Courses

Courses are platforms for professionals all over Europe to meet with colleagues, to share experiences, theory and good practice, and to take part in the European dialogue on learning and professional competence.
The spirit of collaboration is fostered by interactive sessions and workshops in which learning from and with each other is central: we all can share our projects, thoughts and ideas, thus building the bridges for learning.
A number of keynote speeches will deal with new insights into European citizenship.


Gandra Paredes (Portugal) [to be defined]
Łódz (Poland) [to be defined]

Youth Meetings

Youth Meetings are short theme camps organized to provide an opportunity for young people to explore important intercultural issues and promote European Citizenship
Young people attend the Youth Meetings to learn and work with each other, to get to know each other, and together to seek answers to questions about the past, the present and the future. The motto of the YM comprises these aspects: “remembering – meeting – understanding – working for the future”.


2011 October 6/12 - Procida (Italy) - Youth Meeting [to be confirmed]
Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina) [to be defined]

Study Visits for education specialists

The purpose of Study visits is to facilitate the exchange of information and expertise between decision makers and educational specialists in areas of common interest for the participating countries, especially in the fields of primary or general, technical and vocational secondary education. The visits help participants to consider the account of approaches adopted elsewhere and provide educational policy-makers with better and more up-to-date information concerning education across Europe. This action also incorporates a strong European dimension, through the nature of activities organized and the multilateral formula of the study visit.

Language Courses

Aim of the courses is to make a positive impact on the participants personal and professional competencies with regards to their language skills and understanding of intercultural exchanges with the other participants in the group. All that through:
- Debates about education, literature, history, music, art, etc.
- Observation activity in the Schools
- Practical group task
- Cultural visits, excursions and social activities.
- Workshops


2011 September 22/28 - Procida (Italy) - Italian Language Course [to be confirmed]
2012 March 22/28 - Procida (Italy) - Italian Language Course [to be confirmed]


Conventions aim at providing the participants with a high profile debate mainly focused on the Network topic, the opportunity for individuals to present their research and offers an excellent venue for extended informal discussion with meeting attendees. Moreover, they are organized to promote the NEAC activities.

Information Days

The participants in the Information Days will have the occasion to know more about the European education and cultural Agenda, about the program's contents, and about administrative and financial aspects. Key issues and practical recommendations related to the preparation and submission of applications, as well as to the management of grants, will be addressed by various speakers during the day. News and changes since the previous calls for proposals will be also highlighted.




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