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October 7th/12th Warsaw (Poland) Training Course Let's train with our neighbours
August 22nd/29th Zakopane (Poland) Youth Training Course Let's Score
July 14th Palermo (Italy) Final Co-ordinators Meeting U-Speak
July 5th/12th Procida (Italy) Project Meeting Liquid Motions
June 27th/30th Dobrich (Bulgaria) Young Citizen Conference "U-Speak" 2nd Young Citizen Conference
June 11th/18th Utrecht - Zeeland (The Netherlands) Project Meeting Liquid Motions
June 2nd/3rd Dobrich (Bulgaria) Young Citizen Conference "U-Speak" Ist Young Citizen Conference
March 28th/29th Dobrich (Bulgaria) Kick-off Meeting U-Speak
May 17th/23rd Sundsvall (Sweden) Training Course Culture, Identity and Citizenship
March 18th/24th Procida (Italy) Training Course L'Italia fra storia e cultura
January 18th/22nd Rotterdam (Netherlands) Study Visit Education, Participation, Citizenship
November 26th/30th Celje (Slovenia) Training Course Identity, Diversity and Pluralism
October 19th/23rd Skopje (Macedonia) Youth Training Course Energizing the promotion of youth organizations
October 12th/16th Procida (Italy) Study Visit Together We Can...
May 15th/19th Tallinn (Estonia) Training Course Sharing Diversity
March 18th/22nd Zakopane (Poland) Youth Meeting Get Involved
December 5th/9th Nemours/Fontainebleau Training Course All Different, All Unique
October 6th/10th Procida (Italy) Study Visit Cultural diversity is part of our common history
September  20th Ðakovo (Croatia) Information Day Candidate Countries and EU Projects
September  18th/24th Ðakovo (Croatia) Youth Meeting Crossborder Co-operation
November 8th/13th Procida (Italy) Youth Meeting Experiences and Challenges
October 11th/16th Varna (Bulgaria) Thematic Conference Feeding, culture and society
May 7th/11th Procida (Italy) Study Visit To share in order to cooperate
March 29th/April 3rd Kranj (Slovenia) Contact Seminar Food for Thought
March 29th/April 3rd Celje (Slovenia) Youth Meeting Cross-border Cooperation
December 1st/5th Portalegre (Portugal) Thematic Conference Food is Cultural Heritage!
October 6th/11th Anglesey (U.K.) Youth Meeting Bridges between diversities
May 18th/23rd Procida (Italy) Youth Meeting Water is life...
May 19th/23rd Procida (Italy) Contact Seminar Eating across Europe...
October 14th/19th Naxxar (Malta) Youth Meeting World Heritage and the Future
September 14th/18th Łódź (Poland) Contact Seminar We are what we eat
February 22nd/24th Procida (Italy) Thematic Conference Rediscovering Education


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